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           Avoid Business Bankruptcy | Negotiate Secured and Unsecured Debt  MCA | Leases | Vendors | Loans | Since 1998  

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SCORE  - "Counselors to America's Small Business", is a tremendous organization dedicated to offering  free, experienced business counseling across the nation. SCORE recently reported that they had 11,000 volunteer counselors and had helped start 53,000 businesses in 2015.  Click here to find your local chapter: Find SCORE - [ upper right hand corner of homepage].



SCORE- CT branded DIY Guide
In this step by step guide, we'll show you exactly how to negotiate on your own, including templates and calculators. This guide points you to seek professional help with the nationwide network of SCORE counselors, if the pressure it too much or your cash flow is insufficient to be successful on your own.
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$160,000 settled for $67,000, a $93,000 savings. " I'm happy to say I'm still in business after all these years "

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" It has been my honor to write this letter".

$170,000 in debt to 14 creditors resolved for $67,000.  "Thank you for saving my American Dream".  See this Testimonial

" I went the very dark and dangerous route...three years later I am back on top...listen to these guys!..."  Testimonial

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Free Consultation: We will examine your payables, discuss the threat levels, show recent settlements with your creditors and tell you how we would solve the problem - This alone is priceless if you are in trouble- How can we do this?  We have settlled over 51,000 debts in 20 years [ as of 2018 ]. Call us now for a free consultation:  855-708-2672



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