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           Avoid Business Bankruptcy | Negotiate Secured and Unsecured Debt  MCA | Leases | Vendors | Loans | Since 1998  

Here are tips to help you spot a business debt relief scam

For starters, research the company you are considering and look for these warning signs:


1)  Are there "up-front" fees? [ very small set-up fee's are        reasonable, but retainers or payments based on "debt-

load" should raise a red-flag ]


2)  Can they show you recent settlements with your creditors?


3)  Are there "typo's" in their marketing materials?


4)  Are employees/Founder and management on LinkedIn?


5)  Was the first interaction a sketchy automated call?


6)  Is their experience actually in Consumer Debt?


7)  How old is their website? Search WHOIS here

In example, this website was created in 2002 and our parent site was created in 1999.


8)  Do they have super detailed 24/7 reporting?


9)  Are they selling you on "savings" rather than a proven plan?


10) Any third party endorsements/associations?


11) Do they only negotiate MCA's? [ That's not a good thing; it more typically means they are a  new company ].


12) Do they shy away from secured debts or complex

obligations? [ a good restructuring firm can demonstrate a track record in negotiating virtually every type of debt

there is ].


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Secured and Unsecured debts ok

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