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Avoid Business Bankruptcy | Negotiate Secured and Unsecured Debt MCA | Leases | Vendors | Loans | Since 1998
           Avoid Business Bankruptcy | Negotiate Secured and Unsecured Debt  MCA | Leases | Vendors | Loans | Since 1998  

Are your business debt payments killing your cash flow?


If so, Business Debt Restructuring is an alternative to

business bankruptcy.


Links on the top and right of this page will teach you about business debt restructuring.  You will learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision.


                                     Trust our experience.


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Here how we help small business:


We negotiate new affordable terms on all forms of secured and unsecured business debt including:


  • Merchant Cash Advances [MCA] 
  • Equipment Leases 
  • Bank Lines
  • Vendors | Suppliers 
  • Credit Cards
  • SBA loans
  • Secured and Unsecured business debts


We are an alternative to business bankruptcy and

expensive additional alternative funding.


Our Negotiators:


Our negotiators average 10-20 years experience [with us!] and come from related fields including commercial collections and Law. Together we have re-negotiated tens of thousands of business debts for over 11,000 small businesses.




With experienced negotiators, you can reduce your monthly or daily payments by up to 70% and payback only 70% of what you owe, all on an affordable budget - these are average client results.

About us:

  • Founded - 1998
  • Reputation - Over 11,500 clients
  • Experience - Over 52,000 business debts settled
  • Trust - Rated "A" with Better Business Bureau
  • Outreach - Educational Programs and Training


Debts we settle:

  • Vendors
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Merchant Cash Advance / Cash Advance
  • High Interest Loans
  • Equipment Leases
  • SBA Loans
  • Bank Loans and Lines
  • Secured and Unsecured debts accepted


Debts we'll work with on a case-by-case basis:


  • Utilities
  • Partnerships
  • Wind-downs
  • Debts that follow owners after business sale
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Tax


Collection activities accepted:


  • Collection Agency
  • Collection Attorney [In state and out-of-state]
  • Arbitration Award
  • Pending Lawsuits
  • Lawsuits
  • Judgement
  • Execution
  • COJ - Confession of Judgement


Things we are particularly proud of:


1) 2008 our Do-It-Yourself Guide "How to Pay Business Debts you Can't Afford", was co-branded by both SCORE and the ASBDC [ Association of Small Business Development Centers ].  The "Guide" is available on nearly 100 websites nationwide - examples:


Guide posted by SCORE 

Guide posted by SBDC 


2)  2009 we trained North Carolina Small Business Development Counselors [ SBDC ] as part of their "Biz Boot-Camp" - (1) 6 hour class


3)  2009 we offered a 3 hour "Professional Development" course to the New England Conference of SBDC's


4)  2011 we were hired by the Florida SBDC to train their counselors to triage businesses after the BP Oil Spill - (2) 4 hour classes


5) ) 2016 we became pro-bono counselors for the New Jersey SBDC


8) 2017 - and we are most proud of all the businesses we have helped

    See this interview



Avoid business bankruptcy. Choose the undisputed leader in the field.


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$160,000 settled for $67,000, a $93,000 savings. " I'm happy to say I'm still in business after all these years "

See the Testimonial

" It has been my honor to write this letter".

$170,000 in debt to 14 creditors resolved for $67,000.  "Thank you for saving my American Dream".  See this Testimonial

" I went the very dark and dangerous route...three years later I am back on top...listen to these guys!..."  Testimonial

Secured and Unsecured debts ok

Free Consultation: We will examine your payables, discuss the threat levels, show recent settlements with your creditors and tell you how we would solve the problem - This alone is priceless if you are in trouble- How can we do this?  We have settlled over 51,000 debts in 20 years [ as of 2018 ]. Call us now for a free consultation:  855-708-2672



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